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There are a few unidentified and possibly misidentified people. (I have not identified the backs of heads even when I recognized them.) There are undoubtedly some misspellings and other errors. If one of these is you, I offer my apologies. My memory for names was never good, and whatever capability I originally had is deteriorating with age. Please let me know if you recognize someone and find an error.

I'll eventually produce a list of favorites or `best of'. If you would like to vote for favorites or propose a caption let me know.

I have much higher resolution versions of all of these pictures. If you would like one to make a print or whatever let me know by emailing ... (Note: you will need to email the Astronomy department webmaster, rather than Bob Rood's old email address)

Master Index (does not include ALMA 2008 and above )

In roughly reverse chronological order.

University of Texas 2011

A few new pix, 9 May, 2011 C'ville 2011

New November 8, 2010 Visits to Bologna 2009, 2010, & Globular Cluster UV Group Meeting 2010

C'ville 2010

New September, 2010 OZMA50: From Project OZMA to the Starship Enterprise, Green Bank, West Virginia, 12--15 September, 2010.

Light Elements in the Universe, IAU Symposium 268, Geneva, 9-13 November 2009

22 July, 2009 Solar Eclipse These pictures don't really fit the Gallery, but you might like them anyway.

LBT Board Meeting 19-20 April, 2009, Columbus, Ohio

ASTRO2010 Townhall 11 March, 2009, Charlottesville

The Charlottesville Astronomical Scene 1973--present: UVa, NRAO, visitors.

The Ages of Stars , IAU Symposium 258, Baltimore, 13--17 October, 2008

ALMA2008--Madrid aka TLWfest

Various AURA Meetings 2005 to 2008 Member Rep Meeting

IAU Symposium 105: Geneva 1983 Newly discovered in the attic

IAU Symposium 246: Dynamics of Dense Stellar Systems, Capri, 5--9 September, 2007

XXI Century Challenges to Stellar Evolution Cefalu, Italy, 29 August -- 2 September, 2007

NRAO 50th Anniversary Symposium 18--21 June, 2007

The Chiosifest From Stars to Galaxies: Building the pieces to build up the Universe, October, 2006

The Steigfest Fundamental Astro-Particle Physics, May 2006

Green Bank, July 4, 2006

Alviofest , aka Stellar Populations, a Rosetta Stone for Galaxy Formation, Ringberg Castle, July 04--08, 2005

Dave Hogg Symposium and Jansky Lecture 2005

Bologna 2005, 06,

LBT Dedication October, 2004

Mixing in Stars; Castiglione della Pescaia, 2004

The Light Elements and Their Evolution, Natal, 21--27 November, 1999

Unsolved Problems in Stellar Evolution, STScI, May 1998

Astronomy, Cosmology, & Fundamental Physics: ESO-CERN, Bologna 1988

Globular Clusters: IAU Colloquium 126, Harvard 1986

ESO Garching CNO Elements 1985

Solar Neutrinos, Lead, SD 1984

Aspen Summer Workshop on the origin of galaxies, 1987

Two Meetings at NRAO, Charlottesville, 1987 & 2000

25th Anniversary of Project OZMA, Green Bank 1986

The Quest for the Fundamental Constants in Cosmology, Moriond, 1989

GBT Planning Meetings and 30th Birthday of the 140 Foot, Green Bank

Red Giants Erice 1980

Pictures from Cambridge Globular Cluster Meeting 1978, Erice Sun as a Star 1976, plus a few others from the same epoch

Miscellaneous pictures 1974 -- present

Cambridge 1974

Globular Cluster Workshop, Frascati 1973

Liege 1974

Pasadena 1972--73

Pictures taken at UVa and NRAO in the 1970's

A Few Pictures taken at UVa in the 1980's

Globular Cluster Sorts

Mostly duplicates of those above (broken link)

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