Cefalu 2007

Pictures from the workshop XXI Century Challenges to Stellar Evolution held in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy, 29 August -- 2 September, 2007. The meeting was held in honor for Vittorio Castellani.

There were many attendees whom I did not know. Most of these have been identified with the help of Marco Castellani, Santi Cassisi, and Maurizio Salaris. If you can identify any of the remaining (noted xx), or if you find misidentifications or misspellings please let me know (rtr@virginia.edu). (I often only name the main person in the image.)

If you would like to have your picture removed from this site, please let me know.

I have much higher resolution versions of all of these pictures. If you would like one to make a print or whatever let me know by emailing rtr@virginia.edu.

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