Alviofest Pictures

These are pictures which I took at the meeting Stellar Populations, a Rosetta Stone for Galaxy Formation held in Ringberg Castle, July 04--08, 2005, aka the Alviofest. While I have taken pictures at meetings since 1971 this meeting was a new experience to me since I was trying to get a picture of every attendee as my gift to Alvio. I came close.

As with all of my pictures the technical quality is highly variable. I try to get pictures of people interacting naturally which is impossible using a flash. The coffee room at Ringberg was a reasonable environment for this. Still I was forced to use the equivalent of ISO 1600 film inside and if the picture had to be heavily cropped or if I had to bring out shadow detail the images are grainy. Also slow shudder speeds and wide aperture make motion and focus a problem. I suppose I should just toss such pictures, but sometimes all pictures of some individuals had problems, or there was something I liked about the picture which made me keep the picture despite some problems. It's curious how some people stood in the dark part of the coffee room all week.

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