Ages of Stars

Pictures from IAU Symposium 258, The Ages of Stars , Baltimore, 13--17 October, 2008

There are still a few unidentified people (labeled xxnn) and probably a few misidentifications. Please let me know if you find corrections or can identify the unknowns.

If you would like to have your picture removed from this site, please let me know.

I have much higher resolution versions of all of these pictures. If you would like one to make a print or whatever let me know by emailing

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Group pictures are given in two versions the first with a width of 1024 pixels, and large which is the full resolution. These are not as crisp as they could be. I really didn't have the proper equipment for group pictures.

Help us with the missing ID's. Groups 1,3,4,5 still have missing IDs. Click on ?large and look for the "?" in the pictures. Also there are missing IDs for individuals who are at the bottom of the list usually labeled xxnn.

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