LBT Board Meeting April, 2009

Pictures from LBT Board Meeting April 19--20, 2009, Columbus, Ohio

I generally have not taken pictures at meetings like board meetings feeling that I might be too much of a distraction and that I might not be sufficiently attentive to what was going on. On the other hand I realized that there might be some value in recording some of the people and interactions.

This particular meeting was mixed concerning picture opportunities. The lighting was pretty good. But most of the action took place in one room and everyone including me sat in the same place for the entire day. So I got lots of pictures of some people and none of others. I felt a bit inhibited in circulating even at coffee breaks.

I'm a bit unsure about some of the identifications. Please send me corrections. If I've identified you incorrectly or spelled your name wrong, I apologize.

If you would like to have your picture removed from this site, please let me know.

I have much higher resolution versions of all of these pictures. If you would like one to make a print or whatever let me know by emailing

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